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“I can’t thank you and Brenda enough for the group and emphasising how important it is to keep the brain and body active as you age. I enjoyed the group a great deal and would love to continue with any more courses you and Brenda plan in the future.

My father unfortunately had dementia, so saw first-hand how the brain can just shut down over night and want to do all I can to avoid this.”

“Both of us really enjoyed the group. The sessions were very stimulating to the point that I had to have a walk after each session. We would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who experiences brain fog”
“The facilitators provided a safe space and a very welcoming atmosphere. There was no judgment of individual abilities or approaches. Every person was included in the discussions. Every opinion was heard”
“I really enjoyed the group. I thought you and Brenda were really good and it has opened my mind to new possibilities. I certainly needed the stimulation.”
“Just to let you know how enjoyable these weeks have been. I’m sure I have benefitted from the exercises in the binder.”
“The sessions were very well managed, I was able to keep up and learn new things. It was very enjoyable. Michelle and Brenda are very competent facilitators.”
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